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On Monday, our senior school was lucky enough to have an Old Boy come in to speak at assembly, and also join some student leaders for a scenic run around the Botanical Gardens before school. Aidan was the School Captain in 2013, as well as cross-country captain so his expertise definitely falls in leadership and running. From the student’s perspective it was an amazing experience to learn from a Stanford graduate studying engineering as well as an avid marathon runner, having just completed the Boston Marathon.

His speech surrounded the invaluable idea of pursuing what excites you, and the reality that your job is the most direct way you can impact society. By committing yourself to a career you’re proud of and genuinely invested in, you can spend the majority of you life helping other people

All in all, it was a great opportunity for us to learn from the perspective of a past student, especially for the boys who were lucky enough to join him in a morning run!

Kunal Gupta