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Performing & Visual Arts

The Arts program at Melbourne High School is a comprehensive program designed to help students gain an appreciation of the arts in all its forms and foster creativity.

Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop skills across creative disciplines. The school has an art room, theatre, and dance studio, as well as a music lab and rehearsal rooms. Students are also able to pursue their creative passions outside of school through partnerships with local organisations, internships and higher education through a degree or diploma program.

Theatre & Production

Every year a number of major productions put the theatrical talents of students on show. From operettas such as The Pirates of Penzance, to modern Broadway such as West Side Story, to classic Shakespearean plays, students have the opportunity to audition before being completely immersed in the different roles and skills required to bring these productions to life.

The annual highlight of the calendar year is produced in partnership with Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, a spectacular full-scale display of student talent. Tickets to upcoming shows can be book from the links below, but be quick! These often sell out quickly.

Visual Arts

At MHS, we strive to motivate and support our students to express their creativity across a wide range of subjects from Year 9 to VCE. We offer a range of Art-based subjects, several streams of Visual Communication and Design focusing on specific fields of design, digital and analogue Media production subjects. In addition, MHS has an extensive Drama, VCE Theatre Studies, and Music program. Throughout the the year, students are actively involved in a variety of performance-based programs that include jazz, chamber, orchestral and singing concerts, the annual school musical and, the annual play as well as Drama and Theatre Studies productions.


With strong musical roots and many musical traditions, the school continues to  foster talented student ensembles, bands, orchestras, choirs and many more musical groups. In any given year there are at least 50 musical performances  including the House Music Competition at the Melbourne Town Hall, School Musical in partnership with Mac.Robertson’s Girls High School and Speech Night, involving all 1300+ student voices in a powerful spectacle.

The musical department at MHS is second to none, offering lessons and mentoring with local, national and international performers. Students continue to be recognised by the Victorian musical community and many Old Boys have gone on to lead internationally recognised careers.

Upcoming Shows