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Year 12 MacRob Senior Cup


Last week, year 12 students took part in the first week of the Senior Cup with MacRob, with this week’s events being debating and netball. Both events were fiercely competitive with Macrob winning debating, and also netball 24-23 in a one-point thriller.

Debating saw our 3 debaters arguing that Santa Claus is not a justifiable lie to our children, with our speakers putting under question Santa’s questionable trade practices, and the working conditions of the elves. Although the team put up a strong effort, they were edged out by the Macrob speakers and unfortunately lost the debate.

Our netballers started the game slow, conceding quite a few goals in the opening quarter with our attack missing most of their shots. However, they were able to turn the game around, overcoming an 8 point deficit in the second half to bring the game level at 23-23 with 10 seconds to go. A goal at the buzzer gave Macrob the win.

Overall, it was a great effort by the MHS teams and we are excited for volleyball and family feud in two weeks’ time.

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