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Army Cadets – Winter bivouac 16-20 June


Winter bivouac is from 16-20 June with Ramsay company starting on Sat 17 June and is designed to be a fun camp where the cadets can relax after the stress of assessments and SACs. Bivouac is held in the Redcastle State Forest, near the town of Costerfield. This is an area with relatively little winter rain but it will still be cold, so thermal underwear, jumpers, gloves, balaclavas, beanies, neck warmers, long sleeve t-shirts, vests etc are required. Please note that the colour of the under layers is not important. Chemical hand warmers are also a good idea to bring to camp for added comfort.

Head torch or hand torch with spare batteries are essential because of the long moonless nights on camp as is a good quality sleeping bag. Cadets will be issued a camp stretcher but a plastic ground sheet is still required as a floor for their tent.

Cadets are to bring a set of old, worn-out clothes, runners, and a towel bundled up in a plastic bag for the running of the confidence course. These items can be disposed of into the rubbish skip on camp if they are not being brought home.

For any cadets affected by Millgrove and / or work experience requirements, driving instructions are available upon request. The alternate transport plan involves the cadets getting the V-line to Heathcote where a vehicle will pick them up.

Parents and cadets please pay attention to the equipment list to minimise discomfort on camp.
If leave is required from camp, please inform your company staff as soon as possible.

Stephen Huysing
Officer Commanding