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VCE Theatre Studies Play


14 June 2pm preview / 6.30pm show – A2 (Arts Building)

HOODS — By Angela Betzien.

Performed by VCE Theatre Studies students.

Angela Betzien is an Australian Playwright.


Hoods ride the train each night to a wrecking yard on the outskirts of the city. Here, in this cemetery of stories, they are storytellers with the power to fast forward, pause and rewind. Tonight, they tell the story of three kids left in a car.

It’s Friday, KFC night and the last day of school before Christmas. Jake, Kim and baby brother are waiting in the car for their Mum. Jake broods in the front seat with visions of X box dancing in his head while Kim begs him for a game of eye spy. As night closes in, the shopping centre shuts down, their Mum still hasn’t come back and the baby won’t stop crying.’

There will be a preview performance on 14 June at 2pm in A2 and an evening show at 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome. 50 minute show no interval.

Event Details

Date: June 14, 2023
Time: 2pm and 6:30pm

A2 (Arts Building)

Melbourne High School

Forrest Hill, South Yarra, VIC 314