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Holocaust Museum Visit


On Thursday, the 1st of June, students from 10H visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Here’s what one of them, Kashyap S, wrote about his visit.

“Visiting the Holocaust Museum was an excellent chance for us to get out of the classroom and have a deeper connection with the topics we were studying. At the museum, we had the opportunity to learn interactively through activities such as analysing authentic historical artefacts and asking questions to a real survivor. This excursion helped highlight the reality of what happened and provided a deeper understanding of what occurred rather than what a textbook page would have. I, for one, know that it helped me to understand that the people that lost their lives were more than just a number, just a statistic; they were actual people with their own lives and families. In addition, talking with ‘Henry Ekert AM’ allowed us to understand his story and relate to him more, especially considering he attended our very school and walked through the very corridors we do now.

I learned much about how bravery and courage allowed even a few people to survive. Thanks to the courage of a few people back then, Mr Ekert survived and drastically changed thousands of lives for the better by improving the entire pediatrics industry. In addition, he helped pioneer solutions to multiple diseases and cancer, bringing down the death rate in the field immensely. Being the last generation who will be able to meet and talk to survivors of the Holocaust, the responsibility to remember and ensure what happened then doesn’t happen again relies on us. After all, history is bound to repeat itself if we don’t fix our mistakes. The chance to visit the museum was an excellent opportunity for us to consolidate our learning interactively.”