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Careers News Week 8 Term 2 2023


Morrisby Career Interviews scheduled for August in Term 3

Year 9 Students & Parents

The second stage of the Morrisby Program will occur in early August, in Term 3. Lauren from the CEAV has pencilled in the following dates for the Morrisby interviews to be scheduled both on site and remotely at Melbourne High School:

#  Monday the 7/8/23 through to Friday the 11/8/23

The interview schedule will be 8 interview slots per day with back-to-back sessions in the afternoon.

The number of consultants operating at each time slot could range from between 4-6 per time slot.

The time slots will be:

Interview 1:8:50 AM
Interview 2:9:30 AM
Interview 3:10:05 AM
Interview 4:10:40 AM
Recess:11:10 AM
Interview 5:11:40 AM
Interview 6:12:25 PM
Lunch:1:05 PM
Interview 7:2:00 PM
Interview 8:2:35 PM
Finish:3:05 PM


All Students & Parents

Save the date please…The Annual MHS & MHSOBA Careers Night is set to take place on the 12th of July, starting at 4:30pm and finishing at approximately 7:45pm. The theme for this year is, ‘Future skills you will need for the Workforce’. Most of the local universities will be present in the Dining Hall and nearby to answer questions you may have about courses you may be interested in, as well as Professional Speakers from popular occupations our students typically get into after their studies. In addition, certain interstate universities will be present virtually in a room to present to students who would like to study interstate in future years to come. In addition, this year, students and parents will have the opportunity to visit the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) facilities.

The importance of this program is that it is offering every student and their parent the opportunity to explore career courses and/or occupations, which could very well translate to their desired destinations when they exit Melbourne High. It is an opportunity to gain further knowledge in areas such as Medicine, Health Sciences, Business, Law, IT and Engineering.

 There is no need to register as we simply want students and parents to attend this event without having to go through any ‘red tape’. Please be aware that there is limited parking on-site and it may be best for parents to take public transport to arrive at our campus in South Yarra.

VTAC Upcoming Key Dates for Year 12 Students


VTAC has announced that course applications for Year 12 domestic students will open at 9am on the 31st of July. There will be a VTAC information session delivered by the Careers Team during this period to both Year 12 students and their parents. Please look out for this date to be published on our various platforms in the next week or so.

For any further queries please contact Bill Theodoropoulos via email at