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Generative Artificial Intelligence


We are excited to announce that Melbourne High School will be enabling the use of generative AI tools to enhance learning and develop critical thinking skills for our students. By allowing for this, we hope to supplement our students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills and provide them with an innovative and interactive learning experience.  

As a Microsoft Education school, our students have access to Microsoft Bing Chat and its AI functionality through their school email account. However, if your child chooses to sign up for any other generative AI tools, we recommend the following: 

  • Students must be 13 years and over to utilise ChatGPT or Microsoft Bing Chat 
  • Students should not enter any personal information such as name, age, or address into generative AI platforms 
  • Students should create a unique password that is different from their school email password when using tools other than Microsoft Bing Chat.  

At Melbourne High School, we will be taking steps to ensure responsible use of generative AI tools. In the coming weeks we will hold a series of training sessions for our teachers to provide clear guidelines on the use of generative AI tools in an educational setting. Our second step is to keep you informed about this new tool and how you can be involved at home with your young person. Here are a few ways that you can support your child’s use of AI tools: 

  1. Encourage your child to use AI tools to explore new ideas and expand their knowledge on topics they are studying 
  1. Provide guidance on how to evaluate the information they receive from AI tools, so they can assess its accuracy and relevance 
  1. Have a discussion with your child on the use of AI tools to ensure they are using it responsibly and ethically and not relying on it as a crutch 
  1. Encourage collaborative learning with other students, using AI tools to work together on projects and assignments 

We believe that AI tools will provide our students with a valuable learning experience.