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Arts Enterprise Event


On the 11th of July, Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) organized an exceptional event, the Arts Enterprise Event, which brought together a diverse group of participants. Seven teams, comprising a total of 30 talented and passionate students showcased their innovative ideas and creative endeavours. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including Dr Mordini, the respected principal of Melbourne High School, Mr Marotta, the esteemed head of commerce, and the supportive parents of Melbourne High School students. Additionally, a distinguished panel of judges consisting of Niv Dagan, the accomplished Director of Peak Asset Management, Jon Michal, the visionary founder of Image Group, and Deborah Halpern OAM, the renowned artist, added to the significance of the event.

From the moment the event commenced at 4:30 pm until its culmination at 7:30 pm, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement. The teams, each striving to capture the judges’ attention and recognition, delivered mesmerizing presentations that truly showcased their dedication and hard work. The audience was captivated by the impressive display of talent and creativity exhibited by the students.

However, the Arts Enterprise Event was more than just a competition. It provided a unique platform for the students to connect and engage with esteemed guests. The opportunity to network and interact with industry professionals and experts in various fields enriched their understanding of entrepreneurship, the arts, and the possibilities that lie ahead. These interactions left a lasting impact on the young minds, inspiring and enlightening them as they explore their own aspirations and future endeavours.

The Arts Enterprise Event organized by BBBS on the 11th of July was a resounding success, leaving a profound impression on all participants. The dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by the students were commendable, and their unwavering commitment to their creative pursuits was evident throughout the event. Supported by the invaluable guidance and encouragement of the judges and organizers, this occasion proved to be an unforgettable and enriching experience for everyone involved. The event not only celebrated the students’ talents but also fostered a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship that will continue to resonate with them as they embark on their journeys beyond the event.

Aryan Deole
President of Entrepreneurs Club