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Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup


From the 26th of July to the 28th of July, Melbourne High school participated in the state wide volleyball tournament known as Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup. The Volleyball Victoria Schools Cup (VVSC) is the largest event that Volleyball Victoria runs. Replacing the Three-Day/Four Day Schools Cup, the Volleyball Victoria Schools Cup involved over 35 different Victorian Schools and more than 200 teams across 30+ divisions. Teams were broken up into Honours divisions as well as Division 1 and Division 2 at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong. From year 9, MHS entered 2 teams (MHS White, MHS Blue). Both Teams played in Year 9 Boys Division 1.

MHS White played five games over the course of the three days. Despite many hard fought close matches, they were only able to claim victory against one team being Braybrook college in a very convincing win. Another game to note was against University high school who they actually ended up playing twice due to them given a chance for revenge in the playoffs stage. Unfortunately, Melbourne High white was defeated both times with very close scores.

MHS Blue who was probably supposed to play in the honours division also played five matches over the three days. Due to them being misplaced into the wrong division, they were able to fully showcase their absolute dominance over all other teams, beating every team there by at least 20 or 30 points per match. At the end of the tournament, they were left on the top of the ladder meaning that they were to play for the gold medal on the last day. The gold medal match was against Mazenod College, which again turned out to be a MHS Blue win by a landslide 25-10, 25-13. Overall, MHS Blue only dropped 121 points in the whole competition. A special mention goes out to Jayden Lee who received the award for “MVP of the division”.

Year 10 Honours got silvers. Congratulations boys!

Jayden Lee
Year 9 Volleyball Captain