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Combined Army/ Air Force bivouac


From the 16th to 20th of June, Melbourne High School ACU held its annual Winter Bivouac alongside 415 SQN AAFC.

Winter Bivouac is an amalgamation of the skills learned throughout the past term, including Navigation with a map and compass, by day and by night, Camouflage and Concealment, First Aid, Fire Lighting, Fieldcraft, as well as many others. It is regarded as the coldest camp of the year, however, through perseverance and camaraderie our cadets were able to pull through.

Ramsay Company practised their field skills with exercises such as the CSM Capture, Day and Night Navigations, the Lantern Stalk and a Round Robin activity.

A highlight of the camp was running the Confidence Course, an obstacle course built and maintained by the senior cadets.

Langley Company, in addition to practising and running the Confidence Course, also practised their field skills through activities such as the CUO Capture, Day Hunt, and Cooking Competition.
Overall, Bivouac was a successful camp for cadets of all ranks and provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to develop their cadet abilities and further enhanced the relationship with the Air Force Cadet squadron.

Thank you to the staff, officers, NCOs from both organisations and everyone involved for a terrific camp!