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Railway Interest Group Sustainability Forum


It is apparent that Generation Z has been handed a dying planet. Living in a world that is apparently doomed, we must innovate solutions and ask the hard questions if we want to see difference made.
Is the current trajectory of our cities sustainable? How much longer can we keep our heads in the sand, expanding lanes and building new roads?

On Thursday, guest speakers Mr Raymond Pask, Daniel Borowski, Knowles Tivendale, Peter Don, and Prof Graham Currie educated students in years 9-12 from Melbourne High and Suzanne Cory about the realities of Melbourne’s transport landscape.

What makes a public transport project successful? How should Melbourne’s public transport infrastructure be enhanced in the future to maintain our urban sustainability? What factors contribute to the systematic efficiency of a public transport network?

Attendees were then tasked with creating public transport solutions to traffic hotspots around Melbourne, which were critiqued by the industry experts.

Overall, the success of the forum couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the guest speakers. Railway Interest Group is extremely grateful for their time and efforts but also to the participants for being open minded and willing to learn!