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Year 12 final weeks


Year 12 students have just completed a week of trial exams. These are just part of the process in preparing for the VCAA exams in October, and the end of their time at the Castle on the Hill.

During the Term 3 holidays, students should continue with preparations for their up-coming exams, but it is also incredibly important they do some other things during this time, to maintain their health and well-being, and assist with academic performance.

  • Prioritise sleep – a brain that is not rested is unable to function well. Students should be sleeping at least 8 hours a night, and waking at the same time they would on a school day.
  • Prioritise exercise – at least 30 minutes a day, preferably outside – an hour is better, but students whose bodies are used to more than that should continue with their routine.
  • Maintain social connections with family and friends.
  • Have at least 3 days with no school work – do something that is fun and relaxing and gives your brain a rest.
  • Eat well and drink water. Some students at this time eat too much sugar, and consume too much caffeine. This detrimentally affects their sleep, metabolism and ability to rejuvenate their body and brain.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to help the Year 12 students in doing this. Many students have had viral illnesses during term 3, and for them prioritising their health is even more important.

In regard to academic preparations, students should ensure over the break that they devote equal energy to each of their subjects, and plan their time. Subjects should be rotated as to time of day that they studied. The type of work done will vary, depending on subject, and preparation level of the student, but should include some practice exams. Some students will have preparation for oral or performance exams, and some may wish to attend revision lectures offered by subject teachers’ associations.

Year 12 students will return to school for 2 more weeks after the holidays. During this time there are a number of subjects that will be assessing their final SAC, students will receive feedback from their teachers on their trial exams and SACs which took place late in the term. Teachers at MHS have years of experience with VCE and are fully conversant with current study designs, and examination details – which tutors often are not. Attendance in these classes is also required to ensure that students satisfactorily complete Unit 4. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians that students participate fully in the last weeks of school.

Another important aspect of the last school days is the celebration of the camaraderie of the Class of 2023, and a succession of lasts which lead to the right of passage of the final day of school and Valedictory Dinner.  Whether it be the last massed singing rehearsal, the last down-ball game on the front courtyard, annual cadet parade, the last workout at the gym, the last conversation at the lockers or basketball game at lunchtime, these shared experiences become some of the lasting memories that are formed by students. The student leaders have also been working on some plans for special commemorations.

Lastly, some dates for you. The Final Assembly for Year 12 students will be on the morning of Monday 16 October, with the Valedictory Dinner in the evening. Performance and oral exams run from Monday 2 October to Sunday 29 October. Students involved have been notified of their exam time. The written exams commence on Tuesday 24 October and run until Wednesday 15 November. Speech Night is on Monday 20 November.

Good luck to Year 12 students and families in the last few weeks of secondary schooling.

“School days are passing, and we must away”