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Dancing with Procrastination (Writers’ Corner)


In the quiet of the night, I sit and sigh,
Procrastination, my old friend, oh, why?
You whisper in my ear, so sweet and sly,
Delaying tasks with your enticing lie.

I say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” with a grin,
But tomorrow turns to next week, oh, the sin!
You lure me in with promises so thin,
As days turn to months, I’m trapped within.

Like a cunning serpent, you wind and weave,
In the web of your spell, I start to believe,
That time’s a river, and I can deceive,
But in the end, it’s my dreams you thieve.

You make me think I’ve got all the time,
To chase my passions, to pen my rhyme,
But in your grip, life’s rhythm I mime,
And I’m left with regrets, a mountain to climb.

The power of your seduction is strong,
You sing your siren’s song all day long,
I keep delaying, thinking I belong,
In your embrace, where I’m always wrong.

Yet, in this battle, I’ll stand and fight,
Break free from your hold, with all my might,
For life’s too short to stay in your sight,
I’ll seize the day, in the sun’s warm light.

So, procrastination, I’ll bid you adieu,
Embrace my purpose, and dreams anew,
With every moment, my resolve grew,
To be the me I’ve always longed to pursue.

Nate Oh