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$1500 Allocated to MHS Sporting Teams via SFG!!

From 2023 Junior and Senior Social $11828 was profited (post Formal Subsidy).

Here is an outline for anyone curious:

  • 54.5% – Royal Children’s Good Friday Appeal: These funds go to improving care for sick patients just like you and their families, targeting expansive research and enhancing patient care.   
  • 45.5% – Student Fundraising Grant
    • 20.2% – SFG Infrastructure Fund     
    • 16.5% – SFG Sport Fund     
    • 8.7% – SFG Club Fund                     

But what is the Student Fundraising Grant? 

The Student Fundraising Grant (SFG) is an approved fund providing students with the power to decide where fundraised money (ie: Social Profits) should go. 

Through online consultation forms, we asked YOU what short-term changes you wanted to see across the school. 

65% of responses asked for better sporting equipment/facilities to support Melbourne High’s sporting culture. 

So through the SFG OVER $1500 has been spent on upgrading the equipment of Melbourne High sport teams. Have a look to see which sports are enjoying new gear for next season.