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Dear the Melbourne High School Community,

On behalf of the photography department, I ask that during your spring/summer cleaning you think of us. We are looking for props to use in our photography classes! If you have anything that you can donate to us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Items we are looking for are small action figures, Legos, plastics fruits and vegetables, small plastic animal toys, and trees that you can find on train sets. If you find anything, please have your son bring it to school and drop it off in the art office.

I appreciate your help in growing our photography program. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Emily Azcona
Head of Photography

(Attached are photographs taken by our students at the start of last term, when practicing aperture. Lesson was inspired by Tatsuya Tanaka a miniature photographer)

Harry 10C
Khang 10M