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The SHUS will open for sales

Friday 5th January – 10am to 2pm

Monday 15th January – 10am to 2pm

Monday 29 January – 10am to 3pm

Fridays in Term 1 – 1pm to 2pm (lunchtime)

Other opening times of the SHUS, for current students and new 2024 families are to be confirmed.

Year 12 students, Uniform deliver your uniform to the SHUS – Friday 24 November

No time to DRY CLEANE your BLAZER? This can be arranged by the SHUS.

The MHS Second Hand Uniform Shop (SHUS), is looking forward to receiving uniform from the current MHS Year 12 students to boost stocks.

All uniform will be accepted by the MHS SHUS, including sports bag and backpacks (please include the buckles, if you have them).

Blazers in any condition are welcomed, for sale or if in poor condition will be mended for emergency stock.

Socks and bathers are only accepted as a donation.

All school items are accepted as donation, or on Consignment. 

If you wish to sell your uniform, on consignment, a Sellers Form must be completed, which can be found, at this link.

Consignment – 50% of the sold price will be transferred to your bank account, generally at the end of each term, of the sale.

Please pack your uniform into your school bag or other bag which can be closed or tied securely, to ensure all of your items are received. Include the completed sellers form.

Any items received without a completed sellers form will be acknowledged as a donation.

The SHUS will be open to receive your uniform Friday 10th, 17th and 24th November. 

Other times deliver to the General Office when open Monday to Friday.

MHS Souvenirs – are available for purchase at the SHUS

Looking for a gift or a memento,  the MHS P&F MHS Souvenirs – include MHS crested boxed Cufflinks & Tie bar set, Keep Cups, Mugs, Umbrellas, Glasses, and Pens. These can be purchased at the SHUS, when open, or by arrangement.

Images of the items can be accessed at this link.

Be reminded the SHUS does not accept returns once an item has been purchased.

Payment option, include – cash, credit & debit cards.

If you would like to join the team, or have a question, please email