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VCE Art Making & Exhibiting Success


We are thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement within Melbourne High’s VCE Art Making and Exhibiting program.

Michael Xu, a distinguished student, had been selected to present his outstanding Art Making and Exhibiting folio to share his journey at the esteemed KickstART event, hosted by Art Education Victoria in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) on Saturday 24th February.

KickstART supports VCE Making and Exhibiting students and educators. It provided an invaluable platform for high-achieving students to explore insights and experiences from their challenging yet immensely rewarding journey in VCE Art.

Michael Xu, was acknowledged among the NGV Top Arts exhibitors, and graciously offered his personal insights and guidance for navigating through this challenging course. His presentation was poised to motivate current students by illuminating the creative process, navigating criteria, and developing captivating folios and final artworks.

Attendees at KickstART had the privilege to:

  • Witness firsthand how top-scoring students, like Michael, had nurtured initial ideas and met criteria in their folios and final pieces.
  • Access exemplary folios showcasing a diverse range of media, providing insights into the depth and breadth of artistic expression.

Michael’s participation in KickstART exemplified Melbourne High’s commitment to fostering excellence in the Arts. We extended our warmest congratulations to Michael and encouraged all students to attend future KickstART programs to gain valuable insights and inspiration for their artistic journey.

《最后一朵花》“The Final Flower” ‘…brings to light the story of the “last generation” movement, reflective of current views on childbirth across many countries today. I wanted to capture the modern generation as a flower that has yet to bloom, tender and needing care, encouraging viewers to consider the power of words unspoken and to spread awareness so that my generation, the 21st generation, does not become “The Final Flower.” Michael Xu

Lena Torikov