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MCCC Bubble Tea Stall


Wednesday 28th of February saw the first Melbourne High Chinese Culture Club (MCCC) event for the year – the annual bubble tea stall. A warm day busy with making, selling and essentially everything bubble tea-related, the stall was overall a huge success for the Club. 

The day started early at 8am, where Cabinet members set up the Hockey Pavillion to prepare for the busy day of making and selling bubble tea ahead. We hung up numerous Chinese New Year decorations around the building and on the surrounding trees, all of which, of course, were red in colour. A few Cabinet members also made a Woolworths run, where we purchased, in total, over 100 litres of milk and over 15 bags of ice for the day. 

The preparation process proved to be a big hurdle as we patiently waited for the pearls to cook, but this was undoubtedly triumphed by the long lines around the Pavillion at recess and lunch. The Cabinet worked as efficiently as they could to meet the demand, with an assembly line in the back consisting of members pouring pearls into the cup, lining it with syrup, adding ice and milk, and finally finishing it off with a lid on top. Other Cabinet members were busy running to the back and bringing these finished cups of brown sugar milk tea to the front, and we very quickly sold out, even before recess had finished. This continued through to lunch, where a second Woolies run was made, we prepared even more cups of bubble tea, and all Cabinet members ultimately felt very fulfilled at the end of the long day. 

MCCC would like to sincerely thank Ivan Lu and his mum for providing us with the supplies and ingredients for the bubble tea, as well as Mr Marotta and Ms Capon for their support in making this day happen. Our next event will be a food stall in Term 2, and we hope that everyone can support it as generously as they have for this year’s bubble tea stall.

MCCC Cabinet