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Railway Interest Group Scavenger Hunt


On Wednesday 6th March, a number of keen MHS students gathered at school, to participate in the MHS Railway Interest Group’s first-ever Scavenger Hunt. Participants were pitted against each other in a contest that emulated “The Amazing Race”, where they had to find and visit the hidden Railway Easter Eggs of Melbourne’s Railway network. These included abandoned rail stations, rail lines and revamped rail-yards. Each checkpoint was hidden using a unique cryptic clue which required participants to use their railway expertise and knowledge to determine the location. In typical ‘The Amazing Race’ fashion, the quickest group to finish all the checkpoints was declared the overall winners. Apart from the ASEAN motorcade delaying public transport by 100 minutes just because the representatives wanted to have lunch, the day was a massive success, with the event serving both as an outlet for relaxation and a (somewhat) educational experience. We congratulate all the participants and would like to thank Ms Capon and Ms Beanland for supervising on the day. Congratulations to Christian Yip 11J who created and coordinated the activity.