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SRC Annual Training Day


On Thursday, the 29th of February, the MHS SRC held its annual training day. This was a wonderful opportunity for various facets of the schools leadership to sit down and discuss their plans for the year. The day was filled with planning, collaboration and a genuine discussion into what the role of leadership entails within the Melbourne High sphere. There was a visit from the wellbeing department to discuss how we, as a school community, can play our part to benefit those around us and facilitate an inclusive atmosphere, leading to some insightful discussion as to what challenges can be addressed within the MHS cohort. There was a brief seminar held with the form captains to talk about the cross section of leadership and what leadership looks like on a day to day basis. We were also lucky enough to be visited by guest speaker and Old Boy, Tarang Chawla, who led discussions on the ideas of what it looks like to be a man in the modern day and age; and how we as a community can inspire the best of those around us. Ultimately, it was a fruitful and productive day and we look forward to seeing what transpires!