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Wellbeing News: Caring for young people


Being a parent or caring for a teenager comes with a range of challenges. Caring for a young person as they navigate transitions including puberty, education, friendships, and independence can be difficult and often requires flexibility and support.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed or stuck. Many parents and carers struggle to know what to do and often feel like they’re on their own. There are a range of supports available from webinars and workshops and individual family support. For those who don’t know, Parentline (13 22 89) is also available. Parentline is a confidential and free telephone helpline available 8am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

There are also a range of free webinars available to parents and carers of teenagers run by Marie Vakakis. Marie Vakakis is not connected to the Melbourne High School community however is offering free webinars for the general community. She is Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist and the director of The Therapy Hub, a private counselling and psychology clinic in Footscray. In March and April Marie will be covering topics including school refusal and connecting with your teenager. If these topics might be of interest for you get more information from the links below.

Understanding School Refusal – School can’t (Wednesday 27th of March 6pm-7pm)

 Help! My teen won’t talk to me (Wednesday 24th of April 6pm – 7pm)

There are also books available that might be of help to those caring for teenagers:
How to Talk so Teens will Listen and Listen so Teens will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Staying Connected to Your Teenager: How to Keep Them Talking to You and How to Hear What They’re Really Saying by Michael Riera

For parents or carers who are concerned about their teenager, you are always welcome to contact the Wellbeing Team via email: or phone (03) 9823 7115. The wellbeing team are happy to discuss challenges, struggles or difficulties that MHS students may be facing and offer support or referrals to you.

If you would like to contact the Wellbeing Team you can reach out via email or phone to discuss challenges or difficulties your teenager may be facing.

MHS Wellbeing Team