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From the 22nd to the 24th of March, the cadets of 415 Squadron stayed at Rowallan Scout Camp for their Summer Bivouac, a key component of the training of all 415SQN cadets.

For the Basic Stage cadets, this bivouac (which for many was their first field experience), served as their opportunity to hone their fieldcraft skills, turning classroom theory into real-world applications. These cadets underwent scenario-based exercises that trained their RATEL (radio telecommunications), field navigation, and, camouflage and concealment. They were also taught additional skills such as fire lighting and tripod building.

For the Senior cadets, this bivouac saw them undergo the survival component of their training, which entailed them building their own shelters and fire-lighting with minimal food and water. 

For the squadron as a whole, this bivouac serves as an opportunity to prime themselves for the highly anticipated Winter Bivouac (the biggest compulsory activity of 415’s cadet year) at the end of Term 2.

Thank you to all of the Staff and Cadet Executives involved in the planning and execution of this activity.