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Dear MHS Junior School Parents,

Please read this information carefully regarding the upcoming Junior Social.

The MHS Student Representative Council (SRC) have been running these socials post-COVID since 2022, and this will be our 5th social at St Kilda Town Hall on the 17th of May.

SRC has partnered with the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal for this event, and we were able to donate $14,000 from our social profits over the last 2 years alone, with hopes being that total to over $20,000.

This event is planned and run by student leaders in the SRC, and we take a lot of measures to ensuring that we can facilitate a night that is both enjoyable, but also safe and appropriate.

Tickets are officially SOLD OUT, and there will be no more tickets available for sale on the night. Do not arrive if you haven’t already purchased a ticket. If your child missed out, they will have to try and get a ticket for next year’s social.

Our socials are DRUG FREE and ALCOHOL FREE events, and we have security hired at the venue to conduct bag checks for all incoming bags, as well as breathalysing attendees before they enter the venue.
If a student is found with drugs or alcohol in their bag, or blows positive through our breathalysers, they will be denied entrance into the venue and parents will be contacted to immediately pick up the student.

The entire night, including set up and pack up, is supervised by MHS Teachers and Staff Members as well at St Kilda Town Hall security, and attendees can speak to these adults should there be any issues.
When purchasing tickets, attendees were required to provide us with their parent’s contact details, and you can trust that we will make contact with you in case of an emergency involving your child.

We do have a hired medic on site, that is equipped to treat all kinds of injuries, including slips and falls that may happen on the dance floor.
We highly recommend that attendees also have ambulance cover in the case of an accident.

Parents will not be allowed in the venue to drop off or pick up your child, you will have to wait outside for them. There is limited parking in the area, so please keep this in mind when picking your child up.
Doors will open at 6:00pm, and close again at 7:00pm, attendees can show up anytime within this window. Attendees will be free to leave the venue at any time during the event, however it will officially end at 9:30, and all of the attendees will be out of the venue by 9:45.

We also recommended that attendees eat food before coming to the event, we have water, soft drinks, and light refreshments available for sale however we are not catering full meals.

Anyone who attends the Social may have photos taken of them by our photographers, these photos will be shared will all attendees to remember the great night that they had.
Additionally, these photos may be used in future years to advertise any future socials that the Melbourne High School SRC may run.