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On Thursday, May 9th, the Melbourne High Chinese Culture Club (MCCC) held its annual food stall event. Whilst initially chaotic, the day was ultimately a major success for the club, with Cabinet members and parents working tirelessly throughout the day to run the event. 

With a few new additions to the menu, notably lamb skewers and prawn crackers, Cabinet members and parents slowly trickled into the Hockey Pavillion, and swiftly began preparing the mass amount of beef, wagyu beef, pork and vegetarian dumplings. Alongside moving equipment from numerous other areas of the School to the Hockey Pavillion and decorating its exterior, Cabinet members helped the parents pack the seemingly endless dumplings, as well as other menu items, including spring onion pancakes, prawn crackers and spring rolls.

The long lines of students at recess and lunch proved to be promising, with bags of prawn crackers selling out mid-way during recess. Cans of Genki Forest also demonstrated their popularity, similarly selling out very quickly. Whether it was running food from the kitchen, collecting money and giving change, or passing containers and bags of food to the members at the front, all Cabinet members worked at their full capacity. The popularity and hype maintained its way into lunch, with the lamb skewers remaining a crowd and club favourite and selling out almost immediately every time a new batch was finished cooking, and fried rice and noodles likewise selling out early into lunch. The day of course would not be complete with multiple Woolworths runs, where Ms Capon had to replenish the stock of prawn crackers after recess, in time for lunch.

MCCC would like to sincerely thank all the parents who helped us with the food stall – without your help, the day would not have been possible. We would also like to thank Mr Marotta and Ms Capon for their support in making this day possible. This year’s food stall was a huge success and a major highlight for the club, and we look forward to running similar events again in the future.

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