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Leadership Camp


Over the weekend, 27 of the student leaders at Melbourne High School attended the annual leadership camp at Millgrove.

It was a great weekend where leaders were able to learn from each other and discuss ideas surrounding the school’s future. It’s always important for the school’s student leadership group to be close, connected, and organised in order to work effectively as a team to plan and run events for the student body. I’m glad to say that we were all able to build new connections with each other and reinforce our friendships, something that’s incredibly valuable and that we are all immensely grateful to have done.
Highlights include Dr Mordini’s session with us on changes we’d like to see around the school and how we can set the school up for future success, the Wellbeing team’s presentation on how to maximise student wellbeing and effectively help our peers when they’re in need, and the nighttime activities organised by Ms Capon, where we were able to lean into our competitive sides to secure the win for our teams.

A huge thank you to Ms Capon for organising and overseeing the camp – this camp wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without her care and organisation, and all of us are extremely grateful to her for giving us the chance to enjoy and benefit from such an event. We’d love to also thank Sam and Irma from the Wellbeing department as well, who spent the weekend with us and were incredibly fun and insightful to be around.

To the Year 12s, thank you for making our last time at Millgrove so memorable and such an amazing experience.

To the Year 9-11s, we’re all confident that the school is in good hands with you guys, you’ve all shown that you have a great capacity for leadership and hard work – best of luck for the future.

Rohan Green