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OURS Week 9 Term 2 2023


Principal’s Report

Walking in the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace

Greetings from Indonesia

I am currently in Indonesia with 33 students and 4 staff. Like all our overseas and interstate excursions this trip has its own unique elements. This trip, as well as providing students with an opportunity to be immersed in the cultures, lifestyles, and the language of Indonesia, will also have a specific focus on Biology and Anthropology as students travel through various islands such as Komodo and Flores where they will be able to observe different wildlife as Alfred Russel Wallace did to develop his ideas on evolution by natural selection.

Art activity at Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar Campus (ISI) – Ezra (10H) with local student Shanti.
Andy (11M) and his Indonesian buddy Alwin.

Senior School Assembly – Guest Speaker – Alexandra (Al) Viney

Al Viney is an inspirational young woman who has demonstrated the will to succeed despite a life-changing event that for many may have put an end to their future hopes and aspirations.
On the night of her Year 12 graduation, the already accomplished athlete was a passenger in the back seat of a car that was hit by a drunk driver. Her instinct to cradle her friend’s head in her arms saved her friend’s life but resulted in Al permanently damaging her left arm and ultimately destroying her future plans to represent Australia as a rower (or so she thought).

Fast forward a few years and an encounter with another athlete who happened to have lost the capacity to use her right arm and you have a partnership that has returned both women to the sport they love. The current plan – Paris in 2024.

Al’s story is a reminder to all of us of the power of self-belief and the importance of being adaptable when challenges and setbacks come our way.

Dr Tony Mordini with Alexandra Viney.

Rowing Fraternity Committee

Last Saturday the Committee hosted a lunch to farewell outgoing committee members, welcome new committee members, and celebrate Paul McGann’s service to the sport before he goes on long service leave. A sincere thank you to our gracious hosts Nagae Takihara and Charley Wang (parents of Taiyo 10B)

Winter Bivouac

A group of 180 cadets braved the elements for four nights in what can only be described as extreme character building. I was able to spend a few hours with them on Sunday and there were smiles all around. They may have been muddy and wet, but they were engaged in the activities and having lots of fun. I must commend the senior boys for their leadership and the staff and ex-students who provided the supervision, transport, and technical support.

Professional Learning Communities

As a tool to achieve one of the goals of the Strategic Plan, the School has embarked on the development of Professional Learning Communities as collaboration tool where teachers can come together in their teaching areas to plan their work. A key focus of the collaborations is around reflection of student outcomes and designing teaching material that is differentiated and meets students at their point of need. I wish to acknowledge the leadership initially provided by Sam Crocket (currently in an Acting Assistant Principal role at the MacRobertson Girls High School) and Dean Griffiths who has taken on the baton and will work on the implementation phase.

School Council

School Council met this week and approved three policies – Cash Management, Electronic Funds Management and School Purchasing Card Policy. The Department of Education requires that they be reviewed annually. They will be uploaded to the School website.

MHS Foundation Ltd

A key school entity is the School Foundation. The Foundation is the primary fundraising arm of the School. Most Government Schools only have a Building Fund and a Library Fund which they can use to attract tax-deductible donations. In relation to these, the school community has been very generous, and it will allow us to do some minor works in the library – new carpet and updates to some of the furniture. With respect to the Building Fund, some work is planned in the changerooms.

The Foundation has four trusts that are able to attract tax-deductible donations.

These trusts have and continue to support students with scholarships and provide resources for co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Most recently, the Foundation has provided $24,392 to purchase lighting and sound equipment for school productions which will reduce hire costs.

The Directors are also very active in attracting bequests and working with alumni groups to support their activities.

I wish everyone a safe and restful holiday. School resumes on Monday 10 July.

Dr Tony Mordini


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