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OURS Week 4 Term 4 2023


Principal’s Report

Celebrating International Teachers’ Day 2023

On Friday the staff celebrated World Teachers’ Day with a special morning tea. Students were advised of the day via social media and invited to reach out to their teachers with a brief acknowledgment. I believe many staff received messages of thanks and encouragement.

As the images illustrate, our teachers are working in the classroom and beyond it. They are taking sport, leading international trips, involved in cultural and artistic activities, on camp, at school formals, involved in alumni events and undertaking a raft of other activities that enhance the Melbourne High experience. Our staff give generously of their time and talent and for this I am incredibly grateful.

Mr Chandler with his basketball team at the Prefects Cup in Adelaide.
Ms Frost with some of her fan club at the Year 12 Formal.
Dr Mordini participating in a Japanese calligraphy lesson at Kasukabe High School, Tokyo, Japan.
Mr Grant conducting at the Winter Concert.
Dr Mordini, Ms Wantania, Ms Capon, Ms Thomas and Mr Stewart in Indonesia earlier this year.

Attitudes to School Survey

Thank you to all who participated. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable. I have already shared some of the findings with staff and a group of Year 11 students. The student data is particularly pleasing and shows improvements across most areas. Notwithstanding the positive results we cannot remain complacent, accordingly we will continue to target areas that have been identified as requiring further work.

In the ensuing months we will organise some focus groups to delve further into the data and use the findings to inform enhancements in teaching, learning, community engagement and student support strategies.

The student data is suggesting further enhancements are required in –

  • Teaching and learning with a specific focus on differentiation
  • Wellbeing and engagement through an increased focus on building connections and celebrating the diversity within our community
  • The ways students can provide feedback and inform school decision-making

Sports development strategy

In recent weeks, I have been reminded of the number of students involved in sport beyond the prescribed school-based programs. This is something we value and foster. There is a strong correlation between physical activity, academic achievement, and mental health. Accordingly, we create many opportunities through clubs and extra-curricular programs to facilitate students’ engagement in sport. With respect to the compulsory program, I believe that we are one of the few Victorian Government schools that mandates sport in the senior years. As part of International Teachers’ Day, I wish to acknowledge the incredible generosity of the staff who coach and manage teams. Thank you also to the many alumni and parents who provide ongoing support.

Many of the programs also have costs associated with them. I appreciate the financial contributions families make to ensure students can participate in tournaments and specialist training programs.

In 2024 I would like to develop a sports development strategy aimed at providing additional funding streams, sourcing in kind support, reviewing existing infrastructure, exploring future partnerships and facilities, and producing a 12-24 month calendar of events to assist staff, students and families in their planning.

Friends of Volleyball – Expressions of interest sought

Some of our sporting groups have developed quite well-structured support such as the Rowing Fraternity. Recently, I have been approached by parents involved in volleyball. This is a sport that is attracting a lot of interest and one where we are now achieving significant success. I will be setting up some meetings later in the term. I will send out details in the ensuing weeks. In the meantime, if you want to be involved please let me know.

Our Year 10 Volleyball champions.

Dr Tony Mordini