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OURS Week 4 Term 1 2024


Principal’s Report

Success comes from many trials and tribulations…

One of our Junior School captains, Archit Kanna gave an inspirational address at Junior School assembly this week. The address was a reminder that the road to success is not necessarily an easy one. There will be tough days, failures, and restarts. However, it is through these trials and tribulations that we sharpen our ‘game plan’, develop our skills and deepen our knowledge.

Melbourne High School is a high intensity organisation. Much is expected. We challenge our students because we know they are capable. And we work through disappointments in a positive way to inform personal and academic growth.

Archit concluded his address with a quote from Michael Jordan that sums this up nicely –

‘I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, I’ve lost almost 300 games. I have been trusted with 26 game winning shots and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed’.

The learning environment – supporting academic and personal growth.

Additionally, our learning environment is engaging and provides real-world applications to help support academic and personal growth and ensure students are properly equipped for further education and professional life.

In one of my learning walks this week I had the opportunity to see some of our Year 12 Chemistry students doing just this. Their practical work was focused on measuring the heat released and absorbed through various chemical reactions.

In areas such as civil, mechanical, and mining engineering this is important. In these contexts, for example, what pipes are made of and how wide they need to be must consider any possible heat-related expansion that may occur as liquids pass through them.

Laboratory Technician Dr Leena Bird with Year 12 VCE Chemistry students Ben Yang and Daniel Zhang.
Year 12 VCE Chemistry students Edward Nguyen, Raghav Senhilkumar and Will Cao.

Creating legacies though alumni and community support.

This week I was reminded of the ongoing contributions from alumni towards our programmes through mentoring, consultancy and financial contributions. Many alumni feel a sense of gratitude and give back to the school that has helped them achieve their professional ambitions.

Some of this week’s support included:

  • Green, Maroon and Black (a coterie group of the MHS Old Boys’ Association), along with the Mac. Rob Palladians providing mentoring to the Junior Leadership Program. This is a joint MHS and Mac. Rob venture providing leadership opportunities for Year 10 students.
  • MHS Foundation Ltd. providing support for an Artist in Residence program and support for a new student led sporting initiative.
  • Consultancy for a proposed infrastructure project to repair the 1927 building windows and tuckpointing.

Wominjeka Project Completion and Year 9 Parent Information Evening Tuesday February 27.

I look forward to seeing year 9 parents on February 27. Families will have the opportunity to see students’ projects, hear from key staff and meet other parents and carers.

Dr Tony Mordini