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OURS Week 5 Term 2 2024


Principal’s Report

Celebrating long-standing service in public education

Congratulations to Assistant Principal Mr Andrew Sloan, French teacher Mr Michel Loriot and Accounting Teacher Ms Josie Belvedere who were recognised this week for having achieved 40 years of service with the Department of Education. At the awards ceremony, music teacher Zina Berezin, was recognised for her 45 years of service and ex-MHS staff member Paul Keyte for 50 years of service. We applaud their commitment and dedication. Andrew and Michel are shown here with the Hon. Ben Carroll, Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Minister for Medical Research.

Planning for the future…A Master Plan for 2030 and beyond

This week we held the third Think Tank meeting chaired by architect Rich Austin. The meeting brought together a group of staff, parents, alumni, and students to help inform our planning. Expertise at the table included architects, engineers, and project managers. The project will include exploring the work that needs to be undertaken to remediate the ‘Castle on the Hill’ so that it can continue to meet our teaching and learning needs as well as ensuring this beautiful heritage building is well maintained.

The next stage of our master planning will include a space audit to review the usage of all rooms in the Twenties Building and log what resources are in each room. Post this activity, a series of consultations will be undertaken with staff and students to explore their teaching and learning needs. Alongside these discussions there will be discussions on storage, security, recreational/sports facilities required, possible new curriculum offerings, flexible learning areas and whether the current space and resources can address these needs.

If you wish to be involved in the consultations or have experience in the development of master plans for educational settings, please reach out.

Parent Teacher Interviews – Second Tranche – Wednesday 22 May, 2024

The second tranche of interviews will take place on Wednesday 22 May. To facilitate the large volume of interviews, students will be working independently from home. Staff will provide instructions.

Parents and Friends support for health, sport, and wellbeing

The Parents and Friends Association has worked very hard over the decades to support the school in its endeavours. Through their fundraising they have been able to improve facilities and contribute to programs such as our outdoor education program at Millgrove. The P & F have been great savers, and their sound fiscal capabilities has resulted in the group making a significant contribution to the re-development and replacement of the surface and fencing of our playing fields on the southern boundary of the school. These works will cost in the vicinity of $130,000. The P & F will be contributing $50,000 and the MCC Hockey Division approximately $35,000. The remainder will be funded through current parent contributions. I am sincerely grateful to P & F and MCC for this co-investment in a very important resource in our school. The re-development will also provide future income for the school as the courts will be able to be hired out when not being used by the school.

Dr Tony Mordini