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OURS Week 4 Term 2 2024


Principal’s Report

Victory at SSV Beachside Division Seniors AFL Football Competition Day

After a 10-year hiatus, we emerged as the victors. I am so proud of the team’s effort and extend my personal congratulations to all staff and students involved. Ms Helen Bekos, our Football Coordinator has provided a detailed and entertaining report. I think in her next life she could be a very successful sports reporter!

Senior Boys Football Team SSV Victory – Ms Helen Bekos, Football Coordinator

The Senior Boys Football Team had an outstanding victory at the School Sport Victoria competition, Beachside Division on Tuesday 7 May. In closely contested matches, the boys displayed their skills and determination against some tough opponents. Beginning with our rival Albert Park College, it was evident that both teams were evenly matched. With palpable intensity MHS fought hard, displaying their athleticism and teamwork throughout the match. The midfielders – led valiantly by captain Liiban Cabdi and supported by Vice-Captain Henry Lake and Yonal Gunawardena – tirelessly battled for possession, engaging in fierce contests to gain control of the ball and initiate attacking plays. The forward line – a special shout out to Eiron Galpaya – gave us the lead at half time and much needed hope. With lightning-fast reflexes and agile footwork, our wingers manoeuvred across the field to ensure the ball remained in our forward half before the siren blew, allowing us to outplay our opposition and win by 7 points.

The game against Prahran High School was harder than first anticipated. Having gone in with the view that we had just beaten the strongest team in the draw, the boys had to show some resilience and fight back – and fight back they did. Despite being down at half time, they worked hard in the second half to limit Prahran’s scoring opportunities. With a grand final appearance beckoning, the boys relentlessly challenged their opponents until the final few seconds, where Max McLean slotted the winning goal. Shout out to Max, our very own ‘Plugger’.

The Grand Final was against Elwood College and the boys knew they had 26 minutes left to play. Unsure of what the opposition would bring, we knew we had a 6ft 9 ruckman who could outplay his opponent (thank you Oscar Eberbach), a talented back line that could curb their goal scoring and a forward line with scoring power. This team was not going to go down without a fight. Throughout the game, the boys played with some flair and dare and with 30 seconds left until the final siren sounded, Henry Lake marked the ball – all he needed was a point, and that is exactly what we won by – a point. The Senior Boys AFL Football Team emerged victorious, securing an impressive win, a win for which we have waited 10 years. I must thank our coach, Sean Lester, an old boy from 2009, who has worked tirelessly with the boys. His football nous, coupled with his calm demeanour on the day, steered the boys to their first SSV victory in a decade. 


Congratulations to the cast and crew and all the staff who were involved in this year’s combined school musical. It was an amazing show. Thank you also to Alan Zhen, Abyaz Shams and Lucas Truong-Nguyen for providing us with some great photographs of the show.

Parents and Friends Association – save the date – AGM Monday June 3

A reminder that this meeting is scheduled for Monday June 3. It will be a hybrid meeting. Details are available here.

Casual Clothes Day

Thank you to the Sustainability Club for organising our recent Casual Clothes Day. The money raised will go to the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), an organization whose purpose is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future where humans reside in harmony with nature. It is great to see students actively involved in important causes such as this.

Dr Tony Mordini